Electrical services for home and business
owners in Andover MN

We offer reliable and affordable electrical wiring installs and repairs


Select Electric, Inc. is a local electrical contractor that specializes in troubleshooting electrical problems, finding electrical shorts and faults, underground locating, doing new and retrofit wiring and emergency work for both residential and commercial customers in Andover.

Home owners in Andover call us because we are the friendly electricians that they feel comfortable and safe working with. We can solve your electrical problem with less hassle, because we understand what needs to be done and the most efficient and cost effective way to fix it. Being organized and well prepared is essential for us, along with leaving the job site clean when we are finished working.

Select Electric is also a great resource for lighting ideas and design, plus we install the latest in LED, solar and green lighting technology. So if you have poor lighting or wiring problems in your Andover home and you want an affordable electrician that is reliable, friendly and easy to relate to, just give us a call.

Business owners in Andover depend on Select Electric to handle everything from underground locating to trenching, troubleshooting and complete wiring design and installation. Select Electric is committed to customer satisfaction, we are the commercial electrical contractors to call when you have a power outage, your equipment is down or if you need a prompt and resourceful electrician to upgrade the wiring service for your Andover business.

It's important that you hire an electrician with good communication skills and someone who believes in treating people with respect, because once you've found an electrician who is easy to work with and knows what they're doing; it takes the hassle right out of the job. Give us a call at Select Electric and learn why our customers become our friends for life.